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Happy birthday to the late Shelley Winters, the double Oscar-winner, who is best known to cult movie fans for her roles in The Poseidon Adventure, Bloody Mama, Cleopatra Jones, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?, Tentacles, and What's the Matter with Helen? We also recommend her in Winchester '73.

Happy birthday also to the late Grant Williams, who will forever remembered as the lead from The Incredible Shrinking Man.  He is also in the criminally underrated film The Monolith Monster and the 1960 B-film The Leech Woman.

Stay weird.


The second edition of Tea and a Trailer is now available.  Victor hosts a trailer for a George Pal film, Conquest of Space, in this latest episode.  "Tea and a Trailer" shorts are exclusive to our YouTube channel.  They're not shown on Michiana Access TV or posted on our website.  We hope you enjoy it.

Stay weird. 

Victor meets Svengoolie.


Victor met horror host legend Svengoolie at Flashback Weekend.  Svengoolie is one of the main inspirations behind Weird-O-Rama.  He was gracious and even had a photo snapped of him with Victor for his personal archives.  We wish him many more years of hosting.

Thanks for visiting in Rosemont.

Thanks to all who stopped by the Pickle Press table at Flashback Weekend to meet Victor.  We filmed many fun interviews, including one with a make-up effects legend.  We were also happy to meet and thank Svengoolie for his inspiration, and he was ever the humble gentleman.  We will have photos and footage soon.  We filmed enough for almost three episodes and even a new "Tea and a Trailer" episode as well.

Victor will next be prowling the Monster Bash in Mars, Pennsylvania this October.  Stay tuned for more creepy, strange, and weird things.

Stay weird.

The thirty-first episode of Weird-O-Rama is now available on our YouTube channel.  It's our fifth double double-feature and includes interviews with attendees, artists, and writers at the 2014 Appleseed Con in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The two television shows in this double double-feature are from The Lone Ranger (from 1949) and One Step Beyond (from 1960).  There are also some classic Wheaties commercials for your enjoyment.  This episode also wraps up our presentation of the Green Hornet cliffhanger serial from 1940.  We have decided on our next cliffhanger serial, but we're keeping it a secret for now.

We hope you enjoy the new episode and that you will come see Victor at Flashback Weekend on August 9th in Rosemont, Illinois.  It will be a great time.  Stop by the Pickle Press table and you may end up on a future Weird-O-Rama episode.

Stay weird.

Happy birthday to writer, producer, actor, and directer Peter Boganovich who has many credits to his name, but is known to B-movie fans for directing the excellent Targets with Boris Karloff (in what many consider to be Karloff's last great performance).

Happy birthday to the late Holmes Herbert, a British actor with a staggering number of film credits from the 1920's through the 1950's.  Mr. Herbert starred in many horror classics such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from 1931, The Ghost of Frankenstein, The Mummy's Curse, and many more.

Stay weird.


Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Dr. Frankenstein (Joseph Cotten) is determined to prove his theory that the dead can be brought back to life.  Helping him is Charles (Paul Muller), who believes in the Doctor's theories, but stresses taking things slow.  Complicating matters is the growing demand for more cash from Dr. Frankenstein's hired grave robbers, led by Tom Lynch (Herbert Fux).  Also throwing a wrench into the works is the return of Frankenstein's daughter, Tania (Rosalba Neri) from medical school.

Dr. Frankenstein tries to keep his experiments hidden from Tania, but she is wickedly clever and easily figures out what he's doing.  She volunteers to help, but he forbids it.  She tries to convince Charles to let her in on the experiments, but he also refuses.  She and Charles are in love, so Charles wants to keep her out of such sordid activity.

The Doctor pulls off his miracle one stormy night, but the monster kills him before he can celebrate his victory.  It then wanders into the countryside to kill whomever it can find.  Soon bodies are piling up, villagers are restless, and Captain Harris (Mickey Hargitay) is knocking on Tania's door.  She has determined that the only way to stop the superhuman monster is to create another, but she refuses to pay Tom Lynch more money or sleep with him to get more bodies.

She's also not keen on sleeping with Charles, even though she loves him.  She does once, but reveals he's too old for her.  She asks him to kill Thomas, the simple-minded yet hunky servant so she can put Charles' perfect brain into Thomas' younger body.  Will Charles volunteer to die and possibly not be resurrected?  If so, how will they kill Thomas?  Can they do it before Capt. Harris figures out their scheme?

Lady Frankenstein was directed by Mel Welles, who is known to many B-movie fans for his role as the flower shop owner in Little Shop of Horrors.  Joseph Cotten's star had fallen quite a bit to go from acting in Citizen Kane to this bit of Euro-horror sleaze.  Paul Muller is, as usual, a welcome presence in any B-film, but the movie belongs to Rosalba Neri (credited as "Sara Bay" for some reason).  She's delightfully scheming as Tania, and she's easy on the eyes.  Her idea of "Let's create another monster to kill the other one!" is goofy, but that adds to the fun.  The ending is abrupt, so be warned.
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Our first website exclusive episode is here!

Weird-O-Rama's Rodeo Round-Up is now available exclusively on our website.  We will post website-exclusives from time to time.  These episodes follow a slightly different format than our regular episodes, as you will see in our first.

Our Rodeo Round-Up is a collection of rodeo-themed short films, cartoons, commercials, retro TV, and more.  The feature is an episode of Richard Diamond, Private Detective (sometimes known as Calling Mr. D) from 1958 that stars Lee Van Cleef.  We hope you enjoy it.

Editing on episode #31 has begun and will feature our fifth double double-feature containing an episode of The Lone Ranger among other fun items.

Stay weird.

We're still having some website woes.  We attempted to post episode #3 to our website, but the video will not play for reasons unknown.  We're making a call to technical support today in an attempt to sort out the issue.  We have some website-exclusive content in the works that we want to get on the site soon.

Editing begins on episode #31 today, which will feature interviews with people at Ft. Wayne, Indiana's Appleseed Con.  Speaking of conventions, don't miss Victor at Flashback Weekend August 9th in Rosemont, Illinois.  It's always a fun show with a great guest list, and this year's is no exception.

Stay weird.

Make your Flashback Weekend plans now!

Victor will be meeting fans and filming at Chicago's Flashback Weekend August 09, 2014.  Be sure to stop by the Pickle Press table and say hello.  You might end up on a future Weird-O-Rama episode.  The guest list is impressive, and the show is always well-organized and a fun time.

Editing on a new episode of "Tea and a Trailer" will begin soon.  These shorts are exclusive to our YouTube channel, and the first one was greeted with a lot of nice compliments.

Stay weird.



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